Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wowza! What a Week!

This week has been so busy!
Monday we had a magician come from the electric company and talk about playing it safe around electricity. Do they still have commercials with the singing bee?

It was hard enough to find this pic on Google images, so I'm guessing he's not around. RIP Louie.
 Anyway... The kids had a blast and I have to admit, it was pretty fun.

Wednesday, we had the Coastal Carolina University Athletes come and visit our Kindergartens at NMBP, all 14 classes! Every year CCU partners with the United Way for the Caring for Kindergarteners Program. This year our class got to meet Mr. Jhamie, he is a defender on the CCU soccer team. He read “The Giving Tree” by Shel Silverstein. After Mr. Jhamie read the story, the class asked him a few questions. They found out he was studying business at CCU and that he is from Jamaica. I think the boys and girls would have liked for him to stay all day. After the interrogation :) Mr. Jhamie passed out paper for the children to make cards for the elderly in assisted living centers. They seemed really excited and made some beautiful cards.
      20130320-222221.jpg   20130320-222247.jpg    20130320-222404.jpg

The excitement continued on Thursday with the planting of our marigolds! Our reading unit right now is "Ready, Set, Grow!" and the children are totally into it. They have become quite the planting experts.

We have started a plant journal, so you will have to check back to see things are growing, the students AND the marigolds :)

So, as you can see, the students have had plenty to blog about this week. Read about all the happenings through the students' eyes at our blog. You will also find that they have a bunch to say about what is happening at home too. This has been a great way for me to stay connected and hear about what is going on at home. Morning meetings can run long if EVERYBODY has something to tell you. Also, often times they don't remember. It is just like when they go home and mom and dad say, "What did you do at school?" The students say, "Nothing," or "Recess." With the blog, I have to moderate every comment and post, so it just takes a few seconds to see what was written and use that to start up a conversation. I have also found that students are making connections to eachother too. Right now we have two students getting new pets. Wow, did they have great lunch and recess conversation!
In addition to social learning, I am seeing instructional benefits abound. In my sleep, I say, "Make sure you are using your finger spaces!" How much money or time have you spent on those cute little spacemen? blogacoupletimesandtheywillseehowimportanttheyare. The students are physically pushing the space bar each and everytime to create the fingerspace and it has transferred back to their paper and pencil writing. Score!

I have so much more to rave about with this blogging thing...I hope to spread the word. My partner in Kindergarten crime, Bess, and I hope to get some more people in on the blogging at our school. We are thinking of having a mini staff development one day after school. I also have to give a shout out to my tech buddy, Sean. He shared our blog on his twitter and forwarded me a link to Comments4Kids Blog. It's a community that brings blogging classrooms together. Thanks.

Please stop by and check us out. Leave a comment :)

Sunday, March 17, 2013

3 ,2, 1... Blast off!

We have lift off... My class is off and running with their blogs. We started Friday and everybody was excited. It worked out perfect to have the pesky leprechaun come and terrorize our room the same day we began blogging.

The previous day we talked about what a blog was and why we would a blog. The children came up with an extensive list, but their #1 reason to blog was to share class news. You can only imagine the excitement when they walked in and it wasn't long before one shouted, "Hey, let's put this on our blog!" I had the mini laptop lab ready to go. You would have thought I was passing out candy!
They did a great job logging in with little instruction and assistance. They were clicking and typing and discussing what to write. Some of the children responded to my post, while others decided to create their own. The conversations that were going on were impressive. They worked together to help each other find the correct place to write. It was amazing. It was one of those teaching moments that give you goosebumps... my favorite kind. In fact, the reason I do this job :)

The students were so engaged and their learning was so meaningul. Some of the children were typing their stories as they thought of it, and others decided to publish their journal writings. So far, everybody has been able to either post or comment on something. Not everything has made it to the Internet because we are waiting on a few more permission slips OR they were on a roll and didn't finish their piece. Please check out our work and comment.
Check back regularly to see what is going on.
I have also spent some time this weekend trying to connect with other classes around the world that are blogging too. If you would like to join us in this project, please contact me.
Happy blogging :)

Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm Back...

Not that anybody had noticed, I think I have had 2 page views, but I took a vacation from my short lived blogging experience. I would like to blame it on my pinterest addiction, but I am not sure what it was???? Anyway...
I am "on fire" for blogging again. In fact, the fire has spread to my students, or at least I am providing the accelerant.

Buckle Up!

I am so excited about this journey our class is about to begin!! I am waiting on the permission slips come in before we begin this ride :)

My need to prepare has led me to the "all-knowing internet", Bonjour! (I love that commercial)... There is not a whole bunch of information about kindergarten blogging out there, so the children and I really feel like explorers, internet explorers! (I couldn't resist) I was fortunate enough to attend a Kindergarten conference last week where I saw a YouTube video that gave a great explanation of a blog.
Blogs in Plain English

That cool video led me to The Kindergarten Blog in Plain English

Our class will be using our blogs as a website or an on-line space where children can access, display and share learning/information with an authentic audience. 

We can use our Blog to:
·       Create an online community for our students and their parents and family members
·       Share resources and notices
·       Share students work and learning (providing a real authentic audience world-wide)
·       Provide up to date information on what is happening at our school.
·       Integrate multimedia of all descriptions (videos, photo stories, podcasts)
·       Receive feedback (we love receiving your comments and suggestions)
·       Provide opportunities for students to read (posts), write (posts and comments),

As you can see the blog is an amazing tool that has huge potential to enhance children's learning (a blog is not a chat room). We will use our blog to share information about what is happening in our class.
Check us out at 
Stay tuned...