Thursday, March 14, 2013

I'm Back...

Not that anybody had noticed, I think I have had 2 page views, but I took a vacation from my short lived blogging experience. I would like to blame it on my pinterest addiction, but I am not sure what it was???? Anyway...
I am "on fire" for blogging again. In fact, the fire has spread to my students, or at least I am providing the accelerant.

Buckle Up!

I am so excited about this journey our class is about to begin!! I am waiting on the permission slips come in before we begin this ride :)

My need to prepare has led me to the "all-knowing internet", Bonjour! (I love that commercial)... There is not a whole bunch of information about kindergarten blogging out there, so the children and I really feel like explorers, internet explorers! (I couldn't resist) I was fortunate enough to attend a Kindergarten conference last week where I saw a YouTube video that gave a great explanation of a blog.
Blogs in Plain English

That cool video led me to The Kindergarten Blog in Plain English

Our class will be using our blogs as a website or an on-line space where children can access, display and share learning/information with an authentic audience. 

We can use our Blog to:
·       Create an online community for our students and their parents and family members
·       Share resources and notices
·       Share students work and learning (providing a real authentic audience world-wide)
·       Provide up to date information on what is happening at our school.
·       Integrate multimedia of all descriptions (videos, photo stories, podcasts)
·       Receive feedback (we love receiving your comments and suggestions)
·       Provide opportunities for students to read (posts), write (posts and comments),

As you can see the blog is an amazing tool that has huge potential to enhance children's learning (a blog is not a chat room). We will use our blog to share information about what is happening in our class.
Check us out at 
Stay tuned...

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