Sunday, July 14, 2013

#Kinderblog 13 Brag

Brag. Not something I like to do, but something I have been thinking about lately.

I recently started to reflect on my career. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE teaching Kindergarten, but I often wonder if I was not meant to do something more different. I get great satisfaction from taking my classroom "successes" and sharing them with others. I love collaborating, mentoring, and growing as a teacher, but also watching our profession, as a whole, do the same. I enjoy sharing my ideas and thoughts and hearing others' contributions so much that I got to thinking...

Should I take my show on the road?

In my quest to share and grow I submitted a proposal to present at a conference. I am going to give that a go and see where it takes me. I am really proud of the fact that I got my class of Kindergarten students up and blogging this past school year. I actually went to a conference at the beginning of March and attended a session about blogging in the classroom. I was so inspired that I went back to my room almost immediately and started blogging with the students. I was so excited about the learning that was taking place I started to spread the word around school. Since then a colleague and I created 2, count them, 2 iTunes U courses about blogging! I have had a great response from members of my PLN on Twitter and Facebook, and even some "followers" at my school.

In addition to my proposal to present, I created a personal website, just a place to showcase who I am as an educator and some of the things that I have accomplished. It is an online portfolio of sorts. I know what you are thinking, yes, I know it is summer time. In my defense, we have had lots of rainy days this summer! I actually enjoyed using Webs to create the page and Vizify to create my bio. They are two resources that are easy to use and produce great looking products.

So... without further ado, let the bragging begin!


  1. Ok first off... WAY TO GO! This is awesome. Second... I totally know your feeling and you are way ahead of me in taking steps to spread my wings. How did you get involved in making iTunes courses? How hard/easy is it?? Also, you said you made a proposal for making a presentation, how do you go about that? I'd love to know more about this aspect of your career!

    Thanks for sharing,
    MaMa Goose’s Kindergarten

  2. Wonderful! Blogging is so useful as a reflective tool and to showcase your work! Good Luck with your presentations and Congratulations!!

  3. Way to work towards something beyond just your classroom! I look forward to following your journey! :-)