Monday, October 21, 2013

Kindergarten is an Adventure... Join us on our Journey!

It has been an exciting start to a new school year. Mrs. Long and I have teamed up with Mrs. Altman's class to provide a true adventure in Kindergarten. Our goal this year is to make each and every day "The Best Day of Kindergarten Ever!" So far... I think we have done well :)

Mrs. Long and Mrs. Bodkins

Our Corner of the Earth :)
We started off by welcoming our students on their journey with a ticket to board and an in-flight snack! They were pretzels of course! Gone are the days of peanuts, on airlines and classrooms too - too many peanut allergies! We had these sitting at their tables for Meet the Teacher day. It was cute to see how many students brought the tickets with them for the first day of school. I am pretty sure some of them really thought they had to have those tickets to get in the door :)

Ticket and In-Flight Snack

Mrs. Long and I got the students involved in the adventure by having them parachute out of a plane! Not a real plane of course, but judging by all the excitement, you would of that it was a real airplane :) 


We look forward to continuing our journey... I hope you will join us!

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