Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thank you for sending me a sign, Webster

All teachers get busy at the end of the school year, it's inevitable! I promised myself that I was not going to let my blog suffer. Not only did my poor little blog suffer, but it died a slow and miserable death. But I have been resurrected, once again!
I recently started some summer work with our school district and I decided to share all the wonderful things that happened in such a short time with blogging in my Kindergarten classroom. My partner in crime, Bess, and I create an iTunes U course about blogging in the elementary classroom. As we were laying out an outline for what we thought would be covered, I thought we should describe what a blog was. Well, that's where old Webster comes into play. Webster dictionary. You see that bright yellow portion jumping off the page? Yeah, that's it. This was Webster hitting my over the head saying, "If you do not get it together and post on a regular basis, you are not a blog!" So... Here I am... I'm back! Again.


A Web site on which an individual or group of users record opinions, information, etc. on a regular basis.
Add new material to or regularly update a blog.

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